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Sand Tires Unlimited Sand Master 35.5-17

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Paddle size
  • Rear Tire  
  • Mounts on 17” wheel  
  • 6 ply  
  • Dimensions 35 x 35 x 16 (will grow when inflated) 
  • Weight: Uncut 74 pounds: #1 paddle cut 53 pounds: #2 paddle 61 pounds 
  • Recommended rim width 12” 
  • PSI 14-12 
  • 19 paddles
  • 53 lbs.


A great tire to pair with this on the front is the 12.50-17 Razor Master. 

Here it is, the granddaddy of sand tires! This is our largest most aggressive sand tire only used  on the biggest and most powerful sand cars and sand rails. We recommend this tire on anything  over 750 WHP and see it on cars with as much as 2,000 WHP!

(Sold individually)

*Allow time for shipping to our facility in Mesa, AZ (On average 1-2 weeks)

*Shipping costs to customer will vary, please contact directly if you will need these shipped